Emelia Symington Fedy

Emelia is that lady who meet once, and you know you could be great friends with! I had the privilege of watching her in Motherload at the Cultch Theatre and I was impressed by her candid spirit and charisma on stage. I also confessed to her that I was girl crushing on her - HARD. 

She is that girlfriend you need in your life. She is honest (most of the time?), raw and brilliant! "I tell the dark messy truth. I show you my double chin. I tell you about the time I lied to my boyfriend about being pregnant..." 

After you read this blog you will be waiting impatiently to see her live at the Imperial on October 29th. ! 

1) Tell Us About The time you felt most powerful.

I was in Thailand by myself. My boyfriend had just left me for the 3rd time and i’d been begging him to come meet me in Thailand to reconnect (you know that desperate, pleading time where you’re willing to give up all of your life blood to make it work?) He said no. 

It was a full moon and i was walking down the beach alone, feeling the most alone I’ve ever felt. The moon was high and bright and the water was clear as glass. I took off all my clothes and I walked into the water.  I was alone, naked, in a foreign country, on a deserted beach, entering water that was known for its sharks. But I kept going. I walked the path the moonlight was making on the water until i was fully submerged. I let the water hold me up and I floated. I lay in the ocean and let the tears come. All of a sudden I felt a shark, it’s huge jaws clamping on my ribcage breaking me in half and tearing my guts out. This obviously wasn’t happening, but I felt it, I felt the sensation of terror so extremely, it was like it was actually happening. “stay in the water” said a voice. “don’t be scared of what’s not happening.” I jerked and shook. I wanted to jump out and run for the beach but I stayed floating. The image of the shark tearing into me kept coming into my mind and every time my body would convulse with fear but I’d hear “stay in the water, don’t be afraid of what you don’t know.” And after about 30 minutes of this terror/panic/breathing/ staying put I realized that the terror of the terror was more terrifying than the terror itself. You know? So what? I thought. SO what if I get eaten by a shark, SO what if he left. I’m staying put. I’m not letting my fear run me. So I floated. It didn’t get easier. I was sweating in the water I was so stressed out but I stayed. And little by little the fear subsided and for a brief moment, I felt like the queen of the world. 

2) What Was The Least powerful moment of your life?

Giving Birth. I had no idea how painful it was going to be. I was an animal. I couldn’t take it. I wanted to die. The birthing culture is so weird and judgemental at times and I got so stresed out about “doing it right” that when it went “wrong” I felt like a complete failure. it was a tough one.

3) How do you inspire others to be powerful?

I tell the dark messy truth. I show you my double chin. I tell you about the time I lied to my boyfriend about being pregnant and when I stole a candle from a yoga studio. What? Who does this? I did. 

I share my worst parts- in the best way- so we can all bask  in the hilarity of being imperfect humans, together. 

Anything else you want to say? 

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