Let's Talk About POWER!

We are getting ready for our 2016 TEDxGastownWomen event at the Imperial on October 29th, 2016 and we couldn’t be happier to share our theme and idea with you!

This year, we are talking about POWER! 

Well, to be specific we are LOOKING for presenters to share their ideas on a TEDx stage about power. If you want to apply to speak about power, please fill out our application form here.


  1. What does power mean to you?

  2. Do you feel powerful and if so, what makes you feel like you have power?

Do you believe that power is either good or evil or do you feel that power is neutral and the forces that act upon it create the energy of positivity or negativity? Can you provide us an example?

You might be wondering when the questions will end and when we will get to the grit of the information. However, this post is specifically about questions; Questions to get us/you engaged and questions to create a community around this idea and concept.

We really don’t have the answer(s)! We are simply looking outwards to you, our community, in order to evoke thought provoking dialogue about power. What does the word power mean, what/how do you feel about it and what do you want to share about it?

Are there only two types of power? Is power either unilateral or relational? If so, which one do you think is better to harness? Or, do we need them both?

If you lose your power (if you believe it can be lost) how do you get it back or if you can’t get power back do you strive to achieve a new balance? If so, what does that look like?

We look forward to discussing these ideas with you and we look forward to meeting you at our our TEDxGastownWomen event on October 29th, 2016.

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The TEDxGastownWomen Team!