Barinder Rasode - Winning Back Power

You've probably heard the name Barinder Rasode before. She was recognized by Vancouver Magazine as one of the 50 most powerful people in Vancouver, in 2014.

It is evident why this TEDx talk about Power is a perfect fit for her. 

Barinder is a problem solver! She is known to tackle past, present and future threats regarding BC's economic forum. Her current CV includes working alongside senior levels of government. Barinder is also a board director for Fraser Health and she is the Co-founder & Advisory Committee Chair for SheTalks. 

Barinder is one of those people who exudes confidence and conversing with her is effortless and refreshing! 



1) Has anyone ever took your power away? How did you get it back?

It feels as though my power is taken away on a regular basis. Instead of fighting to regain power and instead of fighting with people who are power hungry, I find myself redefining my definition. of power. I typically look for another way to achieve the goal I set out to accomplish if I feel my power to tackle to the problem has been depleted. 

Achieving a goal or solving an issue is far better then winning back power, in my opinion. 

I also strive to be an egoless person - with an ego - I would never survive. It's also very hard to get into power struggles and win or lose power when ego is not involved. 

2) Have you ever taken away someone's power? 


When we do things a certain way or demand that things be done a certain way, we unknowingly create challenges for people who do things a different way then we do.

When we feel the need to micro manage we become overly committed to the process and not the outcome.  And when we only focus on the outcome we can hinder people from getting what they want and need. This essentially takes the power away from individuals. 

3) What do you think makes people believe someone is "powerful"?

I think it's the perception of power we have by someone's image, or what they want to portray as their image that makes us believe someone is powerful. 

Real power is how much influence somebody has. An individual with a title has power because of their position or the position of their inner circles. However, if we take a step back - the power we really recognize and relate to is from the power of people who can get things done because of the influence they have on others.

Last words:

We need to fight better to share power. One person holding all the power and struggling to keep it that way is not helpful to anyone. Sharing power empowers everyone and it does not diminish yours - it highlights it!

Blog Post: Nicole Parmar