Suzanne Solsona - Information Is Key To Power

1) Tell us about the power you feel from being a CEO and owner of a company?

Being an entrepreneur and CEO of my own company is empowering because it gives me the flexibility to dictate my work hours and schedule, which is vital when I also want to be a stay at home mama to my two young boys. I'll also be quite candid and admit that the title, responsibility and power that comes with the position of CEO are all exciting and ego-boosting, but my true sense of personal fulfillment and thus power comes from the belief that MyMayu is improving the lives of families all over the world. Knowing that we are helping families reconnect with nature fills me with an incredible sense of power and satisfaction.

2) How do you empower others to be powerful?

I have always held the belief that information is key to power. In keeping with this belief, I have always tried to give others as much information as they need to make informed decisions. I did this as a lawyer and continue to do it as a business person and a mother. Unless you know all the circumstances, a decision and course of action is less powerful than if you act based on full knowledge and comprehension.

3) Tells about the power struggle in your life.

Presently, the power struggles in my life mostly surround getting my two young boys to eat their vegetables and brush their teeth. Sometimes, no amount of logical reasoning effects the desired outcome. I am fortunate that my business partner (who is my husband) and I are more often than not on the same wavelength and we rarely clash about matters concerning the company (or the family). 

4) Anything else you want to say/final thoughts?

I'm honoured and excited to have been chosen to give a talk on October 29th with such an amazing group of women. I'm also grateful to have been given such wonderful coaching and mentorship from Karen McGregor. It is going to be an amazingly inspiring event- one that will make Vancouver and TED proud.

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