Rosalyn Mow - A Powerful Mindset

1) Pole dancing might have a negative connotation attached to it - how are you taking it from taboo subject to powerful and confident fitness regime? 

Pole dancing has evolved much faster than public opinion.  In fact, what is generally believed to be is either not true or is a mere fraction of the full picture.  Education is one of the best ways to change public opinion, but instead of telling people that this form of fitness has the potential to become an Olympic sport, I get to show them.  It's about opening people's eyes to see how pole dancing has combined aspects of strength, endurance and flexibility, which makes it a perfect combination in any powerful and confident fitness regime.  I feel that with each performance I do, movement is made in shedding its negative connotation.  Although it still feels like I'm sharing a best kept secret when I perform, pole fitness is quickly gaining popularity.  It's just a matter of time before it's negative connotation becomes a thing of the past.  

2) How do you instil power in those around you? 

Power to me is a holistic energy that can be uplifted in those around through our interaction.  As a Notary Public, I feel that sharing my knowledge with clients has the ability to instil in them a measure of confidence and control over the subject matter.  Delving deeper, I've always been moved by people who share a passion that shows they've put in a lot of hard work.  I feel it's not only inspiring to be passionate about something, but becoming aware of how goals can be achieved with hard work and passion always encourages me to do more for me.  Realizing that I have the ability to achieve something is a powerful mindset.  It is my hope that I inspire people the way they inspire me when I see the outcomes of their hard work.  Everyone has something to be proud of and I'm always empowered by those who feed this energy around me.  

3) How does pole dancing empower you? 

Pole dancing has empowered me in so many ways.  Physically it's helped me stay in great shape and enabled me to become more confident and have more energy.  It also helps me stay focused when working on a new pole trick or training for competition.  It also challenges me mentally with it's creative side when making choreography for myself or for a class of students (I teach a class called Lyrical Pole at Tantra Fitness).  I love how choreography can inspire students to tell a story with their movements, and it's ability to control an audience's emotion.  Perhaps the best way pole dancing lifts me up is through its amazing community.  It is a community that does not discriminate, and has taken away many fears of failure when aiming for a goal.  Being surrounded by such a supportive group of people has created a positive environment that truly enables me to feel my best in body, mind and soul.    

4) Anything else you want to say/final thoughts?

I would like to thank the event organizers for allowing me to be a part of this event.  I feel honored to share the stage with so many talented and intelligent women.  I've prepared a new piece for the event that for me embodies the theme "Power", and I hope everyone enjoys my performance.

Blog Post: Nicole Parmar