Julie Salisbury - Disempowered By A System

1) Tell us about your struggle with book publishing. How did it disempower you?

I was confident that a traditional publisher would be interested in my manuscript about my seven year journey around the world. It was a fascinating "Eat, Pray, Love" real story. In addition, I had realistic expectations about my own involvement in marketing. I received twenty-two reject letters before I decided to figure out how to self-publish. For many people they end up waiting for years for those reject letters and then lose faith in their story. Many great stories go unpublished and the great knowledge and wisdom they have goes to waste.

I realized that the traditional publishing industry is only interested in known celebrities and the chances of being recognized as a first time author was very slim. As I researched the self-publishing world I realized this was an industry preying on the dreams of those who needed help on how to navigate this "pay-for- publishing" world. I realized I was not alone, so I created a company to help other first time authors who felt "disempowered" by a system who did not want to help unknown people that had great stories to tell.

We are led to believe that publishing companies are looking for great stories and then we can get the help we need to transform our stories into a published book. The truth is, most of the independent and print on demand publishers just take your manuscript as it is and print and distribute it, with little or no advice about the manuscript or how to market it. This is why most self-published books flop. 

This is where I can really help emerging authors, I have a process called Inspire A Book that takes them through the chaos, the fear and self-doubt of getting a book out of your head and onto the page.

2) How do you instil power in those you help?

My InspireABook process is all about inspiring my authors. The reason I know so much about this comes from my own process with dyslexia. Many people think of dyslexia as confusion, but it is a different way of thinking. The dyslexic mind takes confusion and is able to problem solve and simplify through that chaos. The gifts of a dyslexic mind are: creativity, imagination, innovation, finding simplicity in complex situations and problem solving. This is what we do in InspireABook. I encourage my authors to literally "throw up all their ideas" on to a page in a mind map and then I help them "clean it up" into a structure of a book. This process really empowers my authors and helps them get to the task of writing. Once they have the book written, I then bring an objective reader's viewpoint to their writing. Often the author can get stuck in their own head and in their own way giving lots of details and evidence to prove a point. What the reader really wants to know is: How did you come to that realization and how did that affect your life? This helps my authors make their story accessible and interesting to their audience, so it is not a flop.

3) Where do you draw your power from?

I know that I draw my power from within: owning and using my dyslexic gifts to help others in the publishing industry. I found publishing an elitist group of people that loved telling people that their story is "not good enough". This was an old record I'd heard many times at school, "You are not good enough". I found many writers who had amazing stories to share but did not think their writing was "good enough". So I started a publishing company to fill this gap and to empower authors and great stories to emerge. In the last ten years, I've now published close to 100 books based on this philosophy.

4) Anything else you want to say/final thoughts?

I want people to understand the distinction between "story-telling", creative writing, and editing. I hear so many objections like "my writing is not good enough", or "my grammar and spelling is bad", where what I am really concerned about is do you have a great story to tell. A good editor and publisher can help with things like sentence structure, flow and purpose. InspireABook is the first step on the journey to publishing a great book.

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