Maili Wong - Power Toward Positive Action


1.    What do you think "power" really is?

Power is the courage to step beyond what is comfortable and take a risk.  Owning one’s power means accepting that life is filled with uncomfortable challenges that require us to adapt and change. Ironically, it’s the challenging points-of-decision that actually allow us the opportunity to define our life purpose and subsequently direct our power toward positive action. 

2.    Do you believe power can be lost/stolen/restored in people? Or is it all a state of mind?

Power can be lost, and regained.  During my most vulnerable time, I felt like I was completely alone, scared, and powerless.  But, as I realized how lucky I was to be alive and that I had the power within me to make choices to find a way forward, I slowly felt my power emerge again.

3.    Why do you think we are obsessed with power in society?

Power and control are often intertwined as synonyms in our western society.  For instance, when one spouse is more informed about or “controls” the couple’s finances, there is often an imbalance of Power in the relationship.  But why is it that the other spouse allows this to happen?  Is it fear or lack of knowledge that prevents them from asking the right questions?  I’m an advocate for taking smart risk and years of experience have taught me that a Roadmap is a powerful tool on the path towards a life worth living.  When we begin to understand the incredible life force inherent in being truly connected to our life purpose, we tap into a power that is undeniable.  That power puts into our path the people who believe in and support us.  We gain a perspective about healthy risk that builds our resilience, our inner muscles

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