Brittany Whitmore - Our Fierce and Powerful Leader

This is the 2nd annual TEDxGastownWomen (TEDxGTW) event and we couldn't be happier to be hosting this event again. 

The inaugural year sold out in 20 minutes. We packed the Segal Graduate School Of Business on Granville Street and learned a lot of lessons about putting on a TEDx event.  This year, we added triple the amount of tickets. 

We thought it would be great to introduce our fierce and powerful leader, Brittany Whitmore. It is her vision, passion and pure drive that makes this event the show stopper that it is. 

Brittany, Why Host Another TEDxGtw?

The response form the community was so amazing! Almost everyone who was in attendance last year, wanted to attend again and be part of it. The volunteers all came back and we gained some new ones so I thought, why not? 

In order to host a TEDxWomen event, we have to do our event in conjunction with TEDWomen and when it was announced late in 2015, we hit the ground running in January and decided to do it all again! 

Bringing people together is a passion of mine. I love to see everyone collaborating, sharing ideas and knowledge. It's an amazing and inspirational day. 

How Did The Idea of Power Come to You?

At our initial meeting to discuss the event, talk about ideas and discuss tome lines, the committee was brainstorming and one team member thought of it. as soon as we looked it up i knew we had to do it. No other TEDx has been focused around power and we knew this was a charged topic. 

Power is a hard topic to ignore. Look at the current state of the's hard not to focus on power and who may be running the world and deciding what's next. 

Tell Us About What You Think Power Is? 

I think power is the ability to create change or initiate change. Power is being able to impact something in some way. You can choose a negative or positive outcome or it can be internal or external. 

Power has so many facets to it!

What are you hoping people take away?

I hope that people discuss things they wouldn’t typically discuss. Our line up of speakers are covering a broad range of topics including: menopause and being child-free by choice. We even have a pole dancer. This year, we focused on topics that people do not regularly engage in but the world needs to be talking about. 

It would also be great if everyone came was able to learn something and build great connections. 

I am excited to be the MC this year and I am excited to see you in the crowd on October 29th. 

Blog Post: Nicole Parmar