Sophia Sunwoo - Power House

Sophia Sunwoo is a force to reckoned with. In 2010, Sophia was busy building and selling her first company. 

After selling her first company, Sophia continued to manage projects over 1MM for fortune 500 companies. She was also focusing on effective market strategies to take the resource-constrained out of poverty. 

If that wasn't enough to sufficiently impress you, Sophia has built Water Collective: An international nonprofit that secures life-lasting clean water for rural communities in Africa and India. The focus is to resolve the short comings of clean water access in the developing world, where 40% of water points are not working at any given time. 

Sophia's list of accomplishments does not end there. She was listed as a leading force in Social Entrepreneurship on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list (2016) and awarded the Fred Alger Finance Award in 2015.

Here is what Sophia has to say about Power. 

1) When do you feel most powerful? 

I feel the most powerful when I am surrounded by a supportive, accepting, and empathetic community. It fuels me, and gives me the courage to make thoughtful decisions and be a more effective leader. 

2) When do you feel least empowered? 

I feel the least empowered in spaces and places that don't value equality and acceptance of diversity. It creates a lot of internal tension for me and muddles my clarity and direction. 

3) Why do we care so much about power and why do we focus on power struggles?

I think that we care so much about power because it intersects with our self validation. Our power is earned through our life's accomplishments, and the moment we face a power struggle, it holds so much weight because it removes validation of the personal hurdles and hits we took in order to earn our power. 

Blog Post: Nicole Parmar