Christina Benty - Power Is An Inside Job

This former Mayor of Golden, BC retired after serving 12 years in local government. When you meet Christina you are enveloped by her vivacious energy.

Christina knows about effective and impactful leadership but most importantly, she models that behaviour in all aspects of her life. 

We couldn't think of a better woman, then Christina, to talk with you about what power means. 

1) Tell me what you think power is!  

Power very much starts as an inside job. It is a strong internal belief that you are both responsible and privileged to lead your own life. Those who are truly powerful realize that their primary and ultimate responsibility is to take charge of self.  They are self regulated and carry an energy into their lives that invokes confidence in those around them.  From there,  power is the ability to influence others while recognizing that you can't change them. Real power should  never take from or absolve another of their power. 

2) What happens when people lose power? Or feel they have lost it? 

When people lose power they get fearful and anxious.  They tend to lose their ability to identity their choices in any given situation.  When people believe they have no power, They tend to engage in blaming and justification rather than ownership and agency.  

Has it happened to you?  The times when I believed  the story that I was powerless were the times i felt anxious, fearful and closed off to possibilities.  It always required a good internal smack down to remind myself to take back my personal power. 

3) Do you think power deepens relationships or halts them?  

My experience leads me to believe that Power deepens relationships. Personal responsibility endears trust and empowers a felt sense of reciprocity.  Candor and accountability flourish in relationships where true power exists and the ego is less likely to be a barrier.  

Blog Post: Nicole Parmar