Kim Cope: Value-based individuals

“We need creative, fearless, value-based individuals to change this world”

Kim is a social entrepreneur and she believes that having the mindset and problem solving abilities of an entrepreneur are what will shape and change our world.

She works to ignite innovation in students through teaching ethical entrepreneurship and impactful philanthropy.  


Q) Do you believe in being fearless?

I believe we can all step outside of our comfort zone and your own level of fear.  It always comes back down to the individual's perspective and they decide to use fear as either a motivator or a crutch.

Q) How do you think children deal with fear vs adults?

In my experience kids are naturally fearless and fear is something we develop with age. Kids tend to not put a focus on what they fear where as adults we tend to let fear consume us and our decisions.

Q) How do you want to change the world?

I'm looking to change the world by empowering the next generation with an entrepreneurial mindset. Not everyone is meant to become an entrepreneur, but that way of thinking is critical if we're ever going to improve our society. By teaching entrepreneurship to youth, we're helping them to see things differently, to explore their creativity, to pursue their curiosity, to understand new forms of learning, and to develop their own way of thinking.

Post by: Nicole Parmar

Photo Credit: Suzanne Rushton Photography