Devon Brooks: To fear or not

Devon Brooks is an inspiring woman and her resolute disposition for leadership shows up in all facets of her life.

At 18 years old, and again at 21, Devon was assaulted in two unrelated incidents. Right after launching Blo (the world’s first and largest franchise chain of Blow Dry Bars) she went through the ensuing judicial process that eventually led to two guilty pleas. 

As a result of the two assault incidents, Devon was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety. However, those situations could not hold Devon down or hold her back from pursuing her passion and her dreams.

Chatting with Devon was a true honour. She is witty, gracious, kind, has an attitude of gratitude and an infectious energy you hope to absorb. 


Q) Talk to me about fearlessness

Fearlessness has become this kind of buzzword. When something gets used so frequently we often lose sight of what it means to us. For this very reason, striving for fearlessness can be disappointing. I think we need to re-approach the ideology, and reexamine fear.

As a victim of violence, fear is an essential survival tool. I've learned that if we take the time to observe our fears we can figure out a great deal about our core beliefs.

Q) How have your past obstacles supported you moving forward?

The most poignant obstacles I have faced have impacted my entire development. It wasn't just the trauma itself that gave me this hard-earned perspective. It was in accepting and understanding how trauma shaped my life experience that I gained this kind of personal-superpower.

Q) What is your one piece of advice for others moving past fear?

Since giving birth to my son Rozen 8 months ago, I have felt this overwhelming, totally intoxicating sense of self. An omnipresent strength. A relentless resilience.  

It is crazy how much I can accomplish with so little...time...sleep and energy! Something I think all mammas and care-takers can relate to.

So I am looking at myself with even more love and compassion than ever. And —  I have learned VERY quickly that the trapping in being a mom is that...there is literally always an excuse not to care for myself.  

It's so easy to put yourself last on the priority list (if you make it on there at all!). So many of us end up depleting ourselves because of our 'sense of duty'. But, at the end of it all, the less we take care of ourselves, the more we're stressed out, wound-up, and (somehow simultaneously) coming apart. The ironic thing is that our fear of not being able to do as much for others as we want to ends up getting in the way of our capacity to serve anyways.

Care for your own needs as well as — and as often as — you care for the needs of those you love. Investing in yourself is a direct investment in the world around you, and it yields massive dividends. 

Posted By: Nicole Parmar

Photo Credit: Suzanne Rushton Photography