Brittany Whitmore - Being unstoppable

“To be authentic is to be fearless and that is to be unstoppable.”


Q) Why did you choose Fearless as the theme for TEDxGastownWomen?

The concept of fearless was spawned from another idea, I was playing with at that time. The idea focused on authenticity and realizing that what we often perceive as shortcomings in ourselves, can really be our strengths. In my case, I have come to realize that it is my diverse interests and experiences that have helped to set me apart, rather than hold me back. Instead of continuing to notice my own shortcomings in the work that I do, I chose to change my mindset, and started focusing on who I am as a whole. Nobody can ever be better than you at being you.

My new mindset encourages me to embrace the unknown and take risks (like putting on this event!), because I know that it doesn't have to be anything other than what it will be. Despite my doubts on how I was going to pull this event off, I decided to go for it anyway, and look what happened!. We received almost 250 speaker applications in about two weeks, brought on more partners than I could have imagined, and sold out in just 20 minutes! I really have the team to thank for this. None of it would be possible without the team.

Q) Why are you hosting a TEDx now?

I knew that I wanted to do something for the community that aligned with my personal values, and wasn't focused on advancing the goals of an organization or selling a product.

I am passionate about making an impact on the world around me. I have always loved to do things which allow me to inspire, entertain, move and build connections with others. I want to build ideas that can truly make a difference and help build a better future. 

My love for creating experiences has manifested itself in many ways, from the performing arts (music, acting, theatre, dance, film-making), to working as an international model, and of course to organizing events and building brands.

TEDxWomen is a particularly interesting brand for me, especially since I have started working with Procurify. Since technology is a male-dominated field, I find that this imposes unique challenges for me and my female colleagues in the industry. Being excluded, frequently interrupted, not taken seriously or even treated badly (there are some horror stories), happens more often than people may think. So the idea of giving amazing, fearless women a platform to share their wisdom and war stories with the world seemed like the perfect idea.

Q) What is the potential impact you are hoping to achieve with TEDxGastownWomen?

This is for all the members of the community who have ever felt like the world has tried to put them in a box. Telling them what they should be, how they should act or what they should look like. I want people to come out, listen to the stories, and realize that they don’t have to hide from who they are.

“Don’t just think outside the box, BE outside the box.”

I hope that new connections will be made, people will get inspired, and maybe even change their minds about some things. I hope this event will encourage people, and especially women, to be a little more fearless in their own lives. We
need to embrace the unknown, and know that whatever happens in our lives we are able to handle with courage while staying true to ourselves.

Posted By: Nicole Parmar

Photo Credit: Suzanne Rushton Photography